Indicting the Innocent

Wrongly accused and convicted and facing the death penalty
Agonizing daily, hoping and praying for Truth to be set free
Waiting, waiting, waiting day by day for a miracle from above
Seeking the mercy of God because man has already judged

Lately I've been reading about the new DNA testing
It's so accurate and it's causing lots of confessing
Dozens of wrongly convicted souls now have a chance
When the light of the Truth shines, darkness recants 

Thinking about it now it all really hasn't hit me yet
Just a few short years ago, who would've thought it?
Now wrongly convicted people proven innocent and freed
This is better than anything I could've honestly believed

        Indicting the innocent causes one to carry a false guilty burden
        They are out there, in their cells, holding on for hope and hurting

and hurting.

--bro. tim pickl, Friday May 30, 2003 A.D.

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