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Matthew:  One Year Old!

     Big Boy!
         April 2003:  God is so good!

Update on Little Matthew

Matthew went in for his follow up visit with the 
Neurologist on Tuesday May 21, 2002.  After
patiently waiting for 3 hours for all the tests
to come through, he came in and immediately reported
to Russ & Mischa that Matthew "is perfect" and
he'll be fine!  Matthew no longer needs the

Glory to God!  Thank You Jesus!

Little Matthew at Home!

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Sent: Monday, April 29, 2002 7:51 PM
Subject: Little Matthew at Home!

Hi again Everyone,

A whole bunch of people have asked me for another update on the little guy so I thought I'd drop one more line.  If you guys are curious later on, don't hesitate to drop me a line and I'd be glad to let you know how he's doing.

Anyway, He's been home since Saturday afternoon and he's been doing great.  He got his first trip to church yesterday and we were greeted by just about everyone of our church friends and we were asked to give our testimony before the church.  It was really an honor to be able to tell the story of the awesome miracle that we saw performed this week.  If some of you still don't get the whole miracle thing or think it's just something we say, just give me a call and I'll give you the details. If you're not convinced then, I don't what could convince you.

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Matthew has settled in just fine at home. Our biggest challenge is his brothers and sister fighting over who gets to hold him next or who sat by him the longest or who he smiled at first and on and know. Mischa was a little concerned with Matthew because when we left the hospital on Saturday he still wasn't taking to nursing all the well.  He did great with the bottles of breastmilk but he was adjusting to nursing. Well, all that changed just as fast as everything else...once he got settled in he took to it like a pro.  As a matter of fact, he got us up a few times through the night with a nice little squeal to let us know he was hungry and he meant it. He chowed down and not with any bottle either. 

The only down side to things is that he is still on the phenobarbitol. We have to give him a pretty big dose once a day and it really knocks him out.  He'll have to take it for a month and then we go back for another EEG. If all is normal with the EEG he gets to dump the phenobarb.  If they still see what they call a 'slight irregularity' he'll have to stay on it.  Please continue to pray for him that all is perfect with his EEG.  Those of you familiar with this drug may know that it is a very powerful anti-seizure medication and really puts you out.  Some folks have to live their whole lives on the stuff to control epileptic seizures and other related problems and it's not pleasant to deal with.  Some people are almost zombies because of it even though it certainly beats the dangerous alternative.

I believe that he is completely healed and perfectly normal.  If you all could see him you wouldn't believe that just seven short days ago he was in seriously critical condition and hooked up to every machine and tube and wire they've got.  It really is amazing.  He's just a regular little baby boy and he's doing great. I couldn't wait to get home from work and get my turn at holding him for a while.  Kyle and Maddie made me take a number.

I was determined that I wanted to return this awesome blessing and I got my chance yesterday.  As we were leaving the hospital on Saturday,  I stopped and talked to the parents of a little boy that was in the crib next to Matthew.  This little guy was in there before we were and he came in for treatment of jaundice.  While Matthew was enjoying his rapid recovery, this little boy took a turn for the worse.  We found out that he had developed a staph(sp) infection and spinal meningitis and had to be put back on a respirator.  I felt so sorry for the little guy and for his mom and dad because here we were rejoicing with the nurses at how well Matthew was doing and this little guy was getting worse.

So, I stopped and talked to them and told them about all of you folks all over the country praying for Matthew and about the prayer cloth we had anointed at church and prayed over.  I asked them if I could bring them a prayer cloth and they said they really appreciated our gesture.  So as I gave our testimony before the congregation yesterday I also asked them to anoint a cloth for Charles and pray for him as well.  Later in the afternoon I delivered the prayer cloth with a note and an index card with the scripture that talks about how God did wonderful miracles through the apostle Paul.  When Paul couldn't be present to pray for someone, they would send a handkerchief or an article of clothing of his and God would do the miracle through the article as sort of a proxy.  It's Acts 19:11-12.

[ "And God wrought special miracles by the hands of Paul:
    So that from his body were brought unto the sick handkerchiefs or aprons, 
    and the diseases departed  from them, and the evil spirits went out of them. ]

I'm praying that God does a work for little Charles like he did with Matthew. I left our name and number and asked that if they felt like it, to call and let us know how he is and when he gets out.

Well, thanks again everyone.  We really appreciate all the prayers and calls and emails and the folks that made meals for us and helped out with the older kids.  We can't wait for you to see Matthew.

Love always,

Russ & Mischa 


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Sent: Thursday, April 25, 2002 11:59 PM
Subject: Matthew Update 4/25/02


Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the delay in the latest update but it seems the better little Matthew gets the busier we are. As you can see from the photo he is doing AWESOME. Mischa and I can hardly believe how far we've come since Sunday. What a miracle to see this kind of progress in just 5 days!!! Not only that, it sounds like the little guy is going to get to come home on Saturday which is over a week ahead of schedule!!!

As you can see, there are no more tubes, and wires and stuff. He's a regular little baby. The reason we've been so busy is because he's progressing so fast and the doctors and nurses are trying to keep us up to speed with him. For example, the kid is eating like a horse. Once he got a taste of natural food he took to it immediately. They've had to keep increasing his amounts and for the past two days has been enjoying a combination of nursing with his mom and slurpin' down big bottles of prepumped milk. The nurses are amazed at how he's taking to it. The only thing left is to get him off of is his IV tube. They left that in to make sure he's getting enough nutrition but now they said that they'll be taking that out tonight. We are so excited for him. And we're excited about the prospect of getting him home as early as Saturday. Keep your fingers crossed for him.

We stayed at the hospital with him for his 9pm feeding and when we went to get him from his crib and change his diaper, he just all-of-a-sudden perked up and was looking at us and making faces and really made our day. He ate like a horse again and then sacked out for the night.

The doctors did say that he would have to go home still receiving doses of a very powerful, anti-seizure medicine called, phenobarbitol. At the moment, it makes him very sleepy all the time and very lethargic but they tell us that should wear off soon. He'll need to be on it for a month and then we have to go back to the neurologist and have another EEG to make sure all signs of seizure are gone. Please keep praying for him. We're believing that all that stuff is gone and that Matthew is on his way to a complete recovery. I don't believe God would have brought him this far, this fast to do the job only half way. If you're going to believe in the power of prayer, then you've got to believe it can take care of everything completely. God doesn't do things half way.

Some may be skeptical and some may chalk it all up to good doctors and medicine but what we've seen here this week has been no less than miraculous. don't get me wrong, the doctors and nurses at Waukesha memorial are amazing people. They have given us the perfect mix of hard work, excellence and just the right amount of cautious encouragement, but where there abilities left off, God took over and really did a work. Those folks over at Waukesha would be the first to tell you that Matthew's recovery has been extraordinary. 

So, thank all of you that have been praying so hard for the little guy and for those who have called, visited and written. We'll never be able to describe how much it helped us get through this. We have learned that hundreds of friends and family members all over the country from coast to coast, from dozens of cities and dozens of churches have been praying for Matthew. Literally hundreds of people we don't even know. What an awesome thing. We are very humbled by it and don't know where to begin to thank everyone except that every chance we get, we'll do the same for others. 

But most of all, we'll continue to give God the thanks and the glory for the wonderful work He has done and we will return these awesome blessings to those who need them also. When people are in trouble or have a loved one that is ill or whatever the case, I will look at those situations in a whole new light, remembering where I was on Sunday morning, April 21st, 2002...maybe I'll be able to offer a special insight or a comfort to those who are where I was. Maybe I'll be able to offer my prayers and encouragement having gone through something like this. And when I do, I will share the outpouring of love and good wishes and encouragement all of you gave us. In a small way, we will take what you gave us and try to pass it on to others with the faith and hope that they will receive the same blessings we did in the form of a quick and complete recovery for our little Matthew.

This past Sunday morning, Mischa and I lived a nightmare like we've never known. It was our darkest day and we were terrified. The doctors couldn't even tell us if he was going to make it or not. We didn't know if he would live, or if he would be severely brain damaged or what. And now, just 5 short days later, we're talking about what we're going to do when we bring him home on Saturday. We are so blessed!!!

Anyway, Thanks again to all of you. We could never have made it through all of this without you and I mean that sincerely. I've heard people say that before and it just seems like a nice thing to say and you don't think much of it, but I can tell you...We really mean it. This was really hard and we took so much comfort knowing that everyone was thinking about us and Matthew and praying for us. Mischa and I look forward to each of you meeting Matthew and getting to see God's little miracle. He's really a sweet little guy and darn good lookin' too! 

We will, of course, be having a baby dedication at church in the near future and I have a feeling this is going to be really special one. For those of you who would like to be there to celebrate with us, please let me know and we'll make sure to send you the date and time. 

This one's getting pretty long so I better sign off, but thanks again and we love you all. God bless!!!

Russ & Mischa 

Matthew's Good Report!

Wednesday April 24, 2002

Assistant Pastor Michael Kielley reported to the church (Abundant Life Apostolic Church) that Matthew is doing great!  Matthew is breathing and eating on his own and it looks like he will be able to go home in about 2 weeks.  The congregation reacted with great applause: a thanksgiving offering of praise:  

To God be the Glory!

Michael Kielley added:  Please keep praying as Matthew is still in the hospital. 

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Matthew's Best Day Yet! 

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Sent: Tuesday, April 23, 2002 4:52 PM
Subject: Matthew's Best Day Yet!

Hi Everyone,

Great day today! We called in to check on Matthew first thing this morning to find out that not only did he have a great night but he also continued to advance in many areas. They have been waiting to hear bowl sounds to see if his digestive system was functioning and he finally showed sounds AND made his first bowel movement. Sounds gross but it is really important. They didn't expect that for a few days yet. 

We had a great surprise when we showed up at the hospital this morning and found that he was doing so well that they removed the respirator, catheters, and many of the other tubes and wires so that now he just has a couple patches that are keeping an eye his heart rhythm and his breath sounds. So, because all that junk is gone, we got to see him get his first bath and then we finally after what seemed like an eternity got to sit in rocking chairs and take turns holding him. WooHoo!!! The nurses even took pictures because they said it was so awesome to see him out of his warmer and in our arms this fast. This is the power of prayer and faith folks!!!

Tomorrow they are going to begin the feeding process. They will be giving him very small amounts of Mischa's breast milk (I hope she doesn't mind me saying that) to see how he responds. That's our real big hurdle now is just getting him up to speed on eating and nursing. They told Mischa she can also begin working with him to teach him to nurse. You see, when they go through rough starts like this they work so hard on survival that they forget the nursing instinct a little. Once he is feeding well and has gained a little weight he will be on his way to going home. We can't wait for that day. Boy, have we taken for granted how blessed we have been with Matthew's brothers and sister.

The only thing really left that is a bit of a question mark is the EEG. We should know the results of that test this evening. They finally found it. They did say there was something on it but they wouldn't say what. So, please continue to pray that all effects are temporary and that he'll be fine.

Thanks again everyone. Our schedule will continue to be very hectic for at least another ten days as we travel between, school, work, home and the hospital, so we'll do our best to keep in touch. We love you all and as usual, please forward to anyone I've missed.

Love always,

russ and mischa

P.S. Hi Granny, we love you and miss you lot's 

Another Good Day for Matthew

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Sent: Tuesday, April 23, 2002 12:35 AM
Subject: Another Good Day for Matthew

Hi Everyone,

It's about half past midnight on Monday and we just got back from the hospital again. We were supposed to be hearing the results of Matthew's EEG test but they lost it or something and we'll have to wait 'till tomorrow so they can pull it our of the computer or something. Anyway, I'll just give you brief update of the important stuff and ask again that if I'm missing anyone on my email list, please forward this to them. 

First, just in case some didn't hear, Matthew was 7lbs 11oz and 21 inches long and he was born at 4:49 pm on Saturday, 4/20/02.. As of right now, he has had a very good day. He's gone over 16 hours now without any of what the doctors have been calling "episodes", where he stops breathing. That has been the most scary part. I was there one time when he did it and it was horrible. His CT Scan and Head Ultrasound came back perfectly normal. He's got no swelling or blood around his brain. That's a big hurdle. Amen... His kidneys began functioning today and he is urinating well. Another big hurdle. There was a bit of concern if they would begin functioning properly or not. Kidney failure was a possibility. He has been breathing for the most part, completely on his own with the respirator there as a backup in case he needs a boost.

We met with a neurologist this evening who told us that all signs are pointing to a very good recovery from a real rough start. It may just be all the medication that has been causing the episodes or what they have also called seizures. If that's the case, then it's temporary! He's sleeping very comfortably most of the time and he moves around real well when he wants to stretch or yawn or whatever. He doesn't like the tube in his mouth at all and he tries to knock it out quite a bit. The nurses told us that's a very good sign because it means he'd rather do it on his own and he doesn't have a dependency on it. All in all he's responding very well to everything they're doing for him and giving him. All tests are looking very good. We're just waiting now to see what the EEG has to say. We'll try to keep you all posted as more develops. He's still at a very critical time right now because the doctors say that unknowns can still manifest but 
every indication is that they won't. Please keep praying for him, I believe his rapid improvements in all these areas are a direct result of your prayers. You don't know how much it means to Mischa and I to know that so many are thinking about our little guy.

By the way, the photos I sent with the other email were actually those from Oconomowoc hospital from his first day when he was still doing well. Some have asked for an updated picture so I have attached another from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. You can kind of see some of the stuff they've got him hooked up to. It's really not as bad as it looks because most of the stuff you see is monitoring devices. [click on photo for larger picture]

Anyway, God bless and thanks again. We love you all and can't wait for you to see little Matthew when he gets out of the hospital. He should be out in about two weeks.

Love always,

russ and mischa

Little Matthew's First Picture

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Subject: Little Matthew's First Picture

Hi Everyone,

I had a few minutes here on Monday morning to check my email, so I thought I'd send along a picture of Matthew from the ICU at Waukesha. We spoke to the nurse on call this morning and she said he had a really good night and that he's doing very well. His respirator is on the lowest setting so he's doing just about all the breathing on his own. We'll be leaving soon to go back up to be with him and get an update on his status. Later today they will be doing some more tests on him to make sure he's improving as rapidly as it appears.   [click on photo for larger picture]

Mischa and I are really grateful for everyone's calls and prayers and help. This all came up very suddenly and was obviously a bit of a shocker. We're doing much better now that we've seen a lot of improvement and met with the neonatologist. Please keep praying for him. He's not out of the woods yet. They've got to get him up to speed with things and teach his body to be self sufficient so to speak. I only had a couple of minutes to put this together so if you don't see someone on the email list above please feel free to forward this. We can use all the prayers we can get.

Love always,


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