Pastor Steve Kielley's Testimony:
A Soft Calling in The Silence

The sun is rising and its brilliance intensifies as its rays speed across the landscape of a sleeping world, beckoning to those in slumber to rise and share in a new day of hope.  The birds sing a cheerful morning song as if in play.  The mist begins to rise and find shelter from the heat of the day. The breeze answers the call and pushes it on its way.

Its another masterpiece of beauty unfolding in front of my eyes.  I can almost see the creator as he conducts the symphony of sounds and the constantly changing brilliant colors.  He smiles as he watches the sparrows, and children chasing butterflies.   A rooster crows out his greeting to the day, a screen door squeaks open, the water in a creek sings its rippling song as it searches for the sea.

Down in my heart I feel a quickening excitement as though this day is different than any that have preceded it.  Yesterday is gone, and with it, the struggles it had left behind in the chambers of my mind vanish into the vastness of the receding blackness of the night.  The bright and morning star has driven away the terrors of the blackness. The sulking demons which prey upon the unsuspecting and plant the tares of fear in the fields of dreams and promises have sought out the pits where they sulk in the shadows again waiting for the night. . My eyes see things in the light of Gods shining promises and my thoughts fall into line with the dawning days symphony of sounds. 


How small I seem in the vastness of it all.  Who am I that God is mindful of me.  Yet with all the wonders of his creation in his eyes I am worth a thousand sunrises.  He smiles at me as he sees my eyes like saucers taking in the beauty of the day. I have given you this as a gift this morning my child, let it remind you of my love and its constant freshness rising as the dawn on each day you awake.  Come join me in the garden, please walk beside me.  Smell the freshness of the flowers; feel the warmth of the sun upon your face and the pleasant breeze as it teases your hair.  This is all for you, I reap satisfaction at your appreciation, and smile as you stand in awe.  Can you look beyond these gifts and see my outstretched hands beckoning for you to come closer to take my hand and walk with me for a little while.  I see the clock is calling out to you to follow its demands.  Do you not have a moment for me, just a word of love?  A single cloud passes in front of the rising sun; the garden sounds grow silent waiting for my response.  Of all that God is created I am allowed to choose the cycle of which I will follow.

I can hear the machines of production; the world is speeding on in all of its futility for success, seeking rainbows that always disappear as they loom so close at hand.  I feel restlessness in my heart, as I am torn between the duties of the day and the fellowship of my creator.  I long to be held in his arm, to feel him close to me, to hear the tenderness of his voice and to be showered in the peace which surrounds him.  Deep inside me the yearning to stay with him forever and never leave His side is growing, gone are the sounds of mechanization and economics.  For the first time I see the reality of a kingdom only glimpsed at early in the morning, there is a land of sunrises, a land where the dawn never fades away and the sounds of new life and hope beat upon the shores of eternity like an ocean upon a beach.

My heart skips as that of a child, as I look into His eyes.  The eyes of an innocent and tender lamb, the eyes as bold as a roaring lion searching for love from a world that He has died for.  I can see satisfaction in those eyes as he shares this moment with me.  Like a father holding his child and showing him an ocean for the first time, He takes pleasure at my wonder.  If I were to live a thousand years and never leave his side, I no doubt would know so little of who He really is and how much He cares for those many others who like me he calls to each and every day.  

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