Pastor Steve Kielley's Testimony:
Jesus healed me!

It was a cold January morning when I walked into Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital. I was scheduled to have another surgery on my right knee. It was not a complicated operation. 

The surgery went according to plan and in the recovery room I was actually feeling very good considering what had just taken place. Before I could be released I was told I would have to use the restroom just to make sure everything was operating correctly. I figured this would be just a piece of cake considering how well I was feeling. However it was not as I imagined. While in the restroom I felt a sharp pain in my head, like an immediate headache, I felt dizzy and knew with out some assistance I would no doubt pass out. I was taken to the emergency room and after a doctor looked at me it was decided that a CAT scan was in order, just to rule out the possibility of a stroke. 

It was after they read the CAT scan that the doctor came in and told me that they had found a colloidal cyst in the FOREMAN area of my brain, located in the third ventricle. It was 5MM in size. I was instructed to see a Neurological Surgeon after my release, and this I did. I brought the CAT scan with me. The surgeon that I saw was the director of Neurology at St. Luke’s hospital. He had no problem identifying the cyst on the CT scan and made arrangements for an MRI. This I was told would give him a clearer idea of what the cyst was attached to, blood vessels and the like. While I was with him he shared some of the procedures used to remove cysts. I found none of them appealing. 

The more I learned about my condition the more apprehensive I became. At my age looks have passed away and I am hopefully using what knowledge I have acquired through life to survive and make up the difference. 

Midwinter camp was going on the week preceding my MRI at St. Luke’s. It was at a Tuesday night service and the ministering brethren in our district as well as others present prayed for me. I cannot say that I felt an electrical shock or any such thing but I believe it was that night that God performed my miracle. 

The MRI came off much easier that I imagined it would since I am very claustrophobic. I have to confess that the double dose of valium they gave me before the procedure helped. It was a week before the MRI and my appointment with the surgeon. Many thoughts and feelings raced through my mind I truly have to say that I was not so much concerned about dying. It was leaving my family behind, and not enjoying the many doors which have opened to me in the last seven months for ministry. I also feared that my memory might be affected, and all the cherished lessons of life as well as the Word of God that were there might be lost. Would I be able to communicate clearly.

The morning for my appointment with the surgeon did come. My wife Lisa my brother Rick who is my senior pastor with went with me to hear the surgeons report. All the slides were placed before us on lighted panels for our viewing. The original CAT scan was placed on the lighted panels as well. It was the surgeons next comment that sent our emotions spiraling upward. They could not find the cyst on the MRI. Their was nothing to even suggest that anything had even been there. No shadows, no clouding absolutely nothing. We had one film , (the CAT scan that showed it very vividly) and the others were completely void of any presence at all. 

I looked at my brother and he was smiling as broadly as I was, maybe not quite as big but pretty close. The doctor admitted he was frustrated and had called the radiologist for his comments on this development. Let me clearly state that the surgeon was totally persuaded that a Colloidal Cyst had been present. The opinion of the radiologist at St. Lukes was that calcification had taken place on the cyst. Calcification does not show up very well on MRI’s. I say a 5 MM calcification should show something, a displacement or shadow. However who am I, I am certainly not as skilled in this area as they.

It was when I was back working at the hospital, (Oconomowoc Memorial) where I am chaplain that I thought of getting hold of the radiologist that first read the CAT scan. Incidentally I still have in my procession both the MRI and the CAT scan films. I reached him on the phone and mentioned that the MRI taken at St. Luke’s had not shown any evidence of a Colloidal Cyst. I asked him if he was sure of what he saw when he viewed the scan. He was somewhat taken back and stated he had no doubt at all of what he had seen and what he had written in his report. He mentioned to me that he himself would call St. Luke’s radiology department and find out what was going on. He did page me several hours later and his attitude was somewhat more reserved. The MRI scans he mentioned showed no evidence of a Colloidal Cyst. “They believe that the Cyst may have calcified” he said. It was then he asked me if I was still in the hospital. This I answered in the affirmative, “do you have the Cat Scan and the MRI films with you” he asked. My answer was yes to both questions. “Is it possible for you to go downstairs to radiology right now and have one of my colleagues look at those films”. This I was delighted to do and did. 

The Radiologist I was to meet with stopped immediately what he was doing when I came in and put my films up on the lighted panels. I could tell that the brain was a very familiar area for him in study. He had no doubt of a colloidal cyst being present in the original film. However he said it was his opinion that the cyst had calcified, or dried up. A cyst, he said, has thick fluid at its center. It is living and grows. However in this case he felt sure that it had died and calcified and would never live again. That is the reason it did not show up on the MRI. “Chaplain you do not need to worry, once there dead they our dead and do not live again”, he said.

In either case God performed a miracle. I would like to believe that when we come back and do a follow up CAT scan in six months they will find no calcification at all. 

You cannot imagine the joy that I feel! God operates in his own ways and according to his own divine direction. 


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