Randy's Heinz' Testimony ~
God is Bigger than any Roadblock


It started back in 1988.

Me and my wife at that time were looking for another church to attend because we didn’t feel fulfilled at the church we were attending. We checked out a number of churches. None seemed to please us. So there was one day in the summer of 1988 I was driving to work and I was tuning in the radio looking for particular music. As I was going through the stations, I heard someone say the word "rapture."

I was familiar with that word and went back to it. It was WVCY. They were saying that they were going off the air on a particular day in September during Rosh Hashanah because they believed that The Rapture would occur at that time.

So I was pricked in the heart as I was puffing on my cigarette screaming out loud,
"I'm going to hell!" a number of times.

I was getting scared.

At my place of work there was a co-worker in the same department who was called "The Christian Fanatic", and I was told to stay away from him, or I would end up like him. So when no one was looking, and I took him off to the side and asked him if he heard about this "Rapture" that was supposed to happen in 2 weeks.

He smiled at me, and said, "Oh yes, I know." He started talking to me and gave me the
plan of salvation on how I can be saved.

So I told him that I believed and I wanted to get baptized in Jesus' name before the 2 weeks came to be. So the date was set without my wife's awareness, because I felt that she would of thought it would have been a strange change.

When the day arrived for me to get baptized I told me wife at the time that I was going to leave early for work to check out a church that wasn't too far from where I worked. And I never told her I was going to get baptized.

But as I walked out the door, she cried and said, "Don't go, I will never see you again."

And I turned to her and gave her comforting words, saying, "What are you saying? I'm only going to check out this church for us."

She still kept crying, "No, don't go…..I will never see you again."

I left her in that state.

As I was driving down the freeway my car started to backfire and started to shut down.

And there were voices in my head, saying "Go back, she's still crying."

I comforted myself, saying, "She'll be all right….she'll be all right."

The car was still having problems and voices were still saying,
"It's not too, late….Go back….go back……"

I was about ready to come the freeway exchange, there were police cars every where and traffic was slowing down to a crawl. I was wondering what was going on. They were directing cars away from the turnoff. As I went by the exit, there was a semi flipped over blocking both lanes from wall-to-wall. So I continued on, going in the wrong direction, looking at my watch and saying to myself, "There's not going to be enough time to do what I was going to do and get to work on time."

So I tried to exit the next exit and the line was too long: it was over a mile!

Then the voices came back in my head, telling me, "Go back home….it's still not too late."

It made me want to check out the next exit, which was already 5 miles out of my way, and that also was too long of a wait. The voices were still there….telling me

"Go back…..you're gonna be late for work."

I went out of my way at least 7 miles and finally turned off on another exit and turned the car back to my destination.  I went by the turned-over semi as it was under me on the overpass, and was amazed. So I headed to this church, not knowing if I would have enough time to get to work.

When I arrived at my destination, the voices were stronger, with different discouraging words.

"You're going to be late for work…."

The place was, to me, like a desert. There was no one to be seen. So I walked toward the doors, and they were open. I walked in and no one was there!

Then the voices came to me again, saying: "You're going to be late for work…….."

I started to walk around, thinking, there has to be someone here, for they knew I was coming…but I was late…….very late.

Then I saw a woman who told me to wait for they didn't know if I was coming or not.

So……I waited…….and waited…..looking at my watch, thinking I'm going to be late for work.  Then all of a sudden, "The Christian Fanatic" came up to me and said, "Are you ready?"

Then I said, "I don't know, I am going to be late for work." because the Pastor who was going to baptize me was not there yet.

I started to get up out of the pew to leave the church and the doors swung open and the Pastor came walking in, saying "I'm sorry, I was late, I was delayed. Let's do what you came here to do."

And I said, "I need to go……I need to go to work."

He told me it would take no more than 5 minutes, and I would not be late for work.

I hesitated; looked at my watch and said, "Let's go."

And when I went down in that water in that Precious Name of Jesus Christ it felt like I was on top of the water. I was all smiles and light-headed. I was so happy after I was baptized knowing my sins were remitted. When I went home after work, my wife at-the-time was waiting for me. She said, "How was the church?"

I said, "It's something you need to go and look at with me."

And she told me, "No. For I do not know you any more."

And she divorced me.

It was not long after this that I attended services at Parkway Apostolic Church with my little daughter that I went seeking after the Holy Spirit, with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. But wanted to clean my vessel of cigarettes before the Holy Spirit would come and live inside me.

So one day I lifted up my pack of cigarettes to the heavens and asked Jesus to take them from me and then I threw them away. The next morning I wanted a cigarette…went to get one, put it to my mouth. I lit it and I got real sick.

Never touched one since.

A week later, I set a date to go to an evening service to receive the Holy Spirit. The day came and again the voices came to me, that I should not go. Something came up with my little daughter that would make it difficult for me to go that night.

I talked to some friends and they told me that they would help me out with my daughter. So it got closer to the time and a Voice told me, "Go. You made yourself ready."

I arrived at the church and I brought my little daughter and my friends were there.

When the time came to go to the altar to pray for the Holy Spirit, I wasn't sure if I could do this.

I was going to leave.

Then my friend's wife came up to me and told me that I made myself ready, "Why do you want to leave? Come: I will take you up to the altar and we'll pray."

So I said, "Ok, let's go."

And when I knelt down to pray to God, many friends of the friends prayed with me. In 5 minutes, I started talking in another language as my eyes were closed it seemed as if a waterfall of blood droplets were before my face. I was so happy!

I hugged everyone in my path.

Praise Jesus Christ for wanting a wretched soul as me. I know in my heart that I am on the right road and roadblocks can no longer stop me.


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