Karen Kassens' Testimony

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Pastor and Sister Kielley,

When asked to write my testimony I was excited to do so, as God has done so many wonderful things in my life. There was a time when I was a small child that I didn’t think He heard my prayers, but as an adult He has reassured me He was with me even then.

No matter how much pain I might be in, just thinking about the goodness of the Lord puts a smile on my face. He is so awesome! I know He was always with me from the moment of conception and He has kept His promise to “never leave me or forsake me”. 

When I think back to the miracle of my salvation I am amazed. While I was pleading for God to put someone in my life that knew Him, loved Him and feared Him, Sister Shelley Brown was praying for someone to attend a Bible study Pastor Showalter was giving in her home - God orchestrated our meeting a short time later at Waukesha K Mart. How very desperate I was back then. From that very first Bible study I felt the wonderful peace and presence of the Lord. I felt something I had never experienced before and I wanted to keep it. Not too many months later, I was baptized in Jesus’ wonderful Name and a few weeks later received the gift of the Holy Spirit. 

Without that experience, I would never be able to understand what David meant when he said, “return to me the joy of thy salvation”. There have been many awesome hours I have spent in His presence but I don’t think any could compare to that first time - not in this life!

Prior to my rebirth, I didn’t understand that feelings/emotions were separate from reality. (I used to think when I felt horrible everything WAS horrible.) Now I know I can feel awful and feel great at the same time because I have a Savior that came to earth to set me free from my many sins. It is so exciting and at the same time, difficult to understand. I’m so glad I was given that measure of faith to believe what cannot be seen or understood. I feel so blessed to have the written Word in my home to validate, encourage and teach me. 

Today, I cannot imagine life without Jesus. I feel so grateful to Abundant Life, it's pastors and their wives. I can’t write this without saying, “Thank You!” I believe each one of you pastors/wives set the most wonderful examples of what Christians should look like and how they should act. I so love you all and appreciate what you are doing for the gospel of Jesus Christ. And, again, I say, “thank you!"

Sister Karen Kassens

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