Jen's Testimony ~ 2 Testimonies!


I have 2 testimonies to share. One is an old one (but so cool) and one is a recent one.  I'll tell the most recent one first:

Some of you already know that Sean and I had something happen to us in the last year that really hurt us financially, so paying bills can be a struggle.  Well I was putting our bills in a pile when they came and not really looking at them because I couldn't pay them until pay day anyway.

When we got our paychecks I got our bills out and added them up--then I cried. We were getting so behind and payments were doubling because of it.  I had some critical ones that had to be paid, but just didn't have the money.  Then I did what God constantly reminds us to do.  I put a rubberband around the bills and wrote the amount on a piece of paper and put it on the top and gave it to God.

I said to Him, "Your Word says to give our burdens to You, well this is my burden. There is no way I can take care of this, so I'm asking You to."  I knew God would take care of it, it's a promise.  I told Him I needed a certain amount by the end of the week.

The very next day Sean (who had no idea I did this) said he put the exact amount in the bank!  I don't know where he got the money, I just knew it was from God.  He's so faithful!  I went to work that night and a friend came and gave me $100.00 and said "God told me to give this to you."  Then another girl at work who I've talked to a few times, but I don't knew her real well, gave me a $35.00 gift certificate to Pick-n-Save grocery store.  Then someone at church bought Sean and I tickets to the Sweetheart Dinner (God Bless you!) and that was how we celebrated our anniversary.  Then a lady Sean works for gave him a gift certificate to a restaurant to say thank you for something he did (that was our Valentine's present.)  Then a brother from the church gave us a check and said, "God told me to give this to you."  Then an aunt of mine handed me money and said "I've been working a lot of overtime, let me give this to you."

Needles to say our bills were completely paid.  God not only gave what I asked for:  He gave above and beyond.

God does not owe us anything--He died on that cross for us and that itself is enough.  But I remember Sister Kielley saying, "What matters to us, matters to Him, no matter how big or how small."  That is so true, He has proven to me so many times.  He is so awesome!!!  Thank You Jesus!!!

My second testimony (actually I have a lot of testimonies, but these two are from specific prayers.) 

Shortly after I came into the church, I ended up in a divorce from my husband at the time.  A while after that Sean (who I really didn't know at the time) came up and asked me if I wanted to go out sometime.  I said yes without even thinking about it and said to myself, "What did I just say?"   Anyway we ended up going out and I discovered that I really liked him.  Well I didn't know as being a divorced woman if I should even go out with this guy.  "Could I ever remarry?  Would that be wrong?"  Of course I wasn't thinking marriage, but I didn't want to get serious if biblically I couldn't remarry.  I was very confused.  Brother Kielley showed me in the Bible where it talks about divorce before I got my divorce, but I wanted to make sure.  

As much as I liked Sean, I wanted to be obedient.

That night I prayed and told God what  was on my heart.  I asked him if this was ok for me to keep seeing Sean, He would have a dozen red roses when he comes to pick me up from work tomorrow.  If I should break it off because I was wrong, he would have no roses.

When Sean came to get me from work, he walked up to the door--no roses.  I got in and was going to break it off right then and there, then he said, "Sorry I was late, but something just told me to stop and get you roses" and he reached into the back seat and handed them to me.

Thank You Jesus for being so faithful!


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