Bob's Testimony ~ God's Miracle


In March of 1999 I collapsed while at work and my heart stopped. The police from the Town of Brookfield arrived & tried to revive me but were not successful. A few moments later the Rescue squad arrived & they had a defibrillator with which they were able to get my heart pumping again. They then rushed me to Elm Brook Hospital where I remained in a coma for a few days.

When my wife was contacted and told I was in the hospital, she immediately called Abundant Life and spoke to the pastor's wife, Sister Kielley. They prayed & then contacted various saints from our church through our prayer chain.

Mary also called my my sister in Arizona. Since my sister had limited funds, she decided to contact the hospital to find out what they recommend she do. The nurse told my sister to get here as soon as possible.

I was told by my wife that within hours there were a number of brothers from our church who came to the hospital to pray over me. When Pastor Kielley got back into town he and his son Michael immediately came to the hospital and prayed over me. Then shortly thereafter a number of saints from Abundant Life came to the hospital and once again prayed over me. At the time they prayed, my blood pressure had skyrocketed & I was still in a coma. I don't know how long they prayed, but my brother-in-law who was there at the hospital told me while the saints were praying he noticed that my blood pressure was going down and I appeared to be coming out of my coma. 
Praise God.

I did regain my consciousness and remained at Elmbrook Hospital for about a week. I was then transferred to St Luke's hospital in Milwaukee where they conducted (per my wife since I don't remember a thing...again, THANK GOD...) quite a few tests. I was also given a catheterization, EKG, EEG & whatever other test they could think of to determine why this happened. The results of all these tests were negative, meaning they could find no reason that my heart stopped. They did ask my wife & I (again, I don't remember a thing...THANK GOD...) for permission to implant a pacemaker defibrillator in my chest. The thinking there was if my heart ever stopped again this device would shock my heart & get it going again.

Once again I THANK GOD it has never gone off.

All in all I guess I was in the hospital for a few weeks & then on sick leave from work for approx. 3 months. I can only remember about the last month that I was home, but during that month I not only had the chance to talk to all of the saints from church who prayed over me, but I had a chance to talk to my father, JESUS. By all accounts I should have remained dead. Jesus loves me so much that even though I was a back-slider (at that time...) he gave me my life back so that I could repent, walk in his word & witness.

I had done nothing to warrant his love...just ask Pastor Kielley about me. If God did this for me, just think what he can & will do for others...

The Lord took Bob home on Thursday August 5, 2004.
Thank You Jesus for 6 more years with Bob.   Mary Unz

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