"The tumor removal was successful
and the area examined all around revealed
no cancer remained.  I am rejoicing..."

Pastor Richard & Elizabeth Kielley

Proving God Great - 2008 Testimony:
The Miracles Performed  for Pastor Rick Kielley

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Sunday February 10, 2008

also: click here to listen to Pastor R. Kielley's
February 10 sermon "Proving God Great in 2008"

Updates on Pastor R. Kielley:

"My fear is FAKE, but my faith is REAL" 
--Pastor R. Kielley   1/13/2008

Sunday February 3, 2008   10:00 a.m.--

Pastor Rick Kielley stood in front of the congregation and asked, "Are looking for  a miracle?"
and then he put down the microphone and held out his arms as if to say, "Right here!"

"If you want to hear the whole story, come next week Sunday (February 10)!"

"I have so much to say...."

Friday February 1, 2008   12:48 p.m.--

Just an update--

Pastor Rick is home and recovering, The news is great, the surgeon contacted him about the pathology report and they feel that they have got everything removed and from this time on they will just follow up with him quarterly for continued examines.   Praise God!!!!!!!!

Bro. Steve

Friday February 1, 2008   8:30 a.m.--

Actually I have not heard from him since he went into surgery, I did find out this morning that he is home and recovering. From what I hear he is doing well.

Bro. Steve

Thursday January 31, 2008   5:37 a.m.--

How about a praise report....GOD is awesome!! Pastor's surgery was about one hour long and he should be coming home today. (No chemo, no radiation, no poo bag, no 5-7 hour operation, no week in the hospital, KNOW GOD!)

God Bless,

Wednesday January 30, 2008   10:01 a.m.--

After the final ultrasound on the 29th the doctor felt the CANCER was a t1 lesion rather than a t2 and felt he could remove the CANCER without extensive surgery decided At first.

The surgery will be only 2 to 3 hours instead of 5 to 6 and only a one night stay instead of a week. This great news.
PRAISE GOD He should be back to normal in a few days without any follow-up surgery.

We will receive a pathology report by Monday (February 4th).

Bro. Steve

Wednesday January 30, 2008    1:31 p.m.--

Now that we are almost at the end of January, I can look back to the moment we received the terrible news our Pastor has a serious case of rectal cancer, and everyone began to pray. As the month passed and subsequent reports would come, his prognosis would down grade, and now, the doctors are saying, if all goes well, he could be a week recovering, and be fine.

I remember other miracles God granted in the Name of Jesus, can you?
January has been a Miracle Month, WHAT MIRACLES WILL February bring?

Pastor Mike Showalter

Thursday January 24, 2008    5:36 p.m.--

Just an update, I received a call from Pastor Rick a few minutes ago and he mentioned that the insurance company approved the UW Hospital and will cover it as a preferred provider. Of course Bro. Rick is extremely happy about this.
(God is in Control!!!)

Bro. Steve

Thursday January 17, 2008    9:21 a.m.--

We are still planning on a January 30th surgery in Madison.
Bro. Steve

Sunday January 13, 2008   10:00 a.m.--

Pastor R. Kielley reported to the church that his laparoscopic surgery
scheduled for February 8th has been moved up to January 30th.  He
also said that the doctor wants him to come in the day before
on January 29th, for one last examination.    Please continue to
believe God and pray for a miracle!

Thursday January 10, 2008    6:35 p.m.--

Just an update on Pastor Rick Kielley:

The doctor at the University Hospital determined laparoscopic surgery would be done Feb 8th to remove the tumor. He is very optimistic that chemo and radiation therapy will not be necessary. There will be about a 3 month recovery time from this procedure. We are thanking God for this victory report. Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

Pastor Steve

Tuesday January 8, 2008   3:44 p.m.--

Pastor Rick Kielley is now home, the procedure that he went through today to remove the stint that was placed after his kidney stone was removed was taken out and he is doing great.

God Bless
Bro. Steve Kielley

Sunday January 6, 2008   10:00 a.m.--

Pastor R. Kielley reported to the church that he is not feeling any pain, but that
the battle is in his mind and in his heart, and specifically asked for prayer for
both areas.  Also, he will be getting a second opinion on his rectal cancer diagnosis
at the University Hospital in Madison on Thursday January 10, 2008.

Thursday January 3, 2008   3:01 p.m.--

Hi Bro. Tim:

Just an FYI, Pastor RIck made it through his procedure quite well yesterday and is experiencing less pain than he anticipated, which is basically controlled by pain medications. The doctor feels that the complete stone as been removed and Bro. Kielley will come in next week to have the stint that was placed during the procedure removed. This will be a 30 second process they say to remove it.

Bro. Rick has an appointment for next Thursday in Madison to meet with the specialist in regards to the removal of the polyp in his colon. So please keep him in prayer as he seeks Gods will and direction for removal of this cancer polyp.

I will keep you up to date.

Bro. Steve

Tuesday January 1, 2008   11:01 a.m.--

Yesterday we visited with the oncologist for the first time. He mentioned that the cancer is at the stage of growth, he feels, that it should be surgically removed and that chemo and radiation may not have to be done. It has not broken through the colon wall as best as they can determine from the ultrasound. He advised that we see a surgeon who specializes in this type of surgery at the University of Wisconsin Madison, we want to be sure that we get the best possible advice on how to proceed.  Please continue to pray that God gives wisdom and direction.

Pastor Steve

Sunday December 30, 2007  10:00 a.m.--

Pastor Rick Kielley announced at the beginning of church service that the PET Scan did not show any other signs of cancer in his body!  Praise God!  Please continue to pray.

Friday December 28, 2007  10:56 a.m.--

I just wanted to pass along this update. First of all Praise God the Pet Scan did not show any other signs of cancer in his body. It did find the kidney stone that we thought might have passed earlier this last year, so before they can start Chemotherapy they will need to get rid of the stone which they will do next week with a out patient procedure at the hospital. Pastor Rick will not be awake for the procedure and it has proven to be 98 percent successful on the first try in other patients. As I get more information I will pass it along.

On behalf of Pastor Rick let me say thank you for all your prayers and support!!!

God Bless

Bro. Steve

Thursday December 27, 2007  12:10 p.m.--

Hi Bro. Tim:

All the preliminary tests have been completed we our now waiting patiently for the results, hopefully we should hear something by Friday (12/28/2007) afternoon. God is in control!!!

Bro. Steve

Wednesday December 26, 2007  4:20 p.m.--

Pastor Kielley had a full body scan @ 11:00 a.m. to see if he has any other tumors anywhere.
He will probably know more about the results tomorrow (12/27/2007) or Friday (12/28/2007).

Pastor Show

Monday December 24, 2007, 11:40 a.m.--

Calling all Saints,

Pastor Kielley will be having a complete body scan on Wednesday December 26th. The scan will start at 11:30 am and continue for about 2 to 3 hours. I am asking for a force of continual prayer starting at 12:00 am Wednesday morning and going until 12:00 am Thursday morning. Saints, here is the idea. If we can get 48 people to pray for 30 minutes we will have the 24 hours covered. We need to pray that they find NOTHING! Or God willing it has not spread.  For those who sign up during Wednesday night service, you can use the old sound room both in back of church.  

Bro. Mannes

Pastor Richard & Elizabeth Kielley

Pastoral Announcement
Sunday December 23, 2007

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also: click here to listen to Pastor R. Kielley's
December 23 sermon "Whom were you expecting?" and the "Pastoral Announcement"

Note:  Pastor R. Kielley had a colonoscopy the week of December 17, 2007
and they discovered a polyp in his rectum about the size of a quarter;
they did a biopsy and reported that it is malignant:
he was diagnosed with rectal cancer on Friday December 21, 2007

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