How to Pray for Revival

With famine, disease, wars, natural disasters, and chaos stalking the earth, the world is in desperate need.  However, the world's greatest need is spiritual.  The world needs Holy Ghost revival!

 1. Pray the Prayer of Thanksgiving for...

  • The Holy Ghost Baptism, apostolic truth, and salvation

  • The outpouring of the Holy Ghost that is occurring worldwide

  • Godly leaders, pastors and churches
    + General Superintendent and the General Secretary
    + District Superintendent and District Secretary
    + Presbyter and Sectional Secretary
    + Pastor(s) and Pastor's family
    + Church Staff and congregation

  • God's power to accomplish His will

  • Your family, friends and fellow saints

 2. Praise God for...

  • His faithfulness  (Psalm 40:10)

  • His mercy  (Psalm 36:5)

  • His excellence  (Job 37:23 and Psalm 36:7)

  • His love  (John 3:16)

  • His longsuffering  (Psalm 86:15)

  • His name  (Romans 4:12)

 3. Pray for unity of purpose among...

  • All involved in helping bring revival

  • Those teaching Bible Studies

  • Those witnessing and distributing tracts

  • Those receiving Bible Studies, witnessing and tracts

 4. Pray for...

  • Your nation, State or Province, County, City and communities  (1 Tim. 2:1-2)

  • A great outpouring of the Holy Ghost today  (Joel 2:28 and Acts 2:39)

  • Many signs, wonders and miracles today  (Mark 16:17)

  • A great drawing of the Spirit today  (Revelation 22:17)

  • The soulwinners, that they will be led to hungry people who are ready to harvest  (Luke 10:2)

We have the solution to the world's need in our hands.  The Lord has promised that if we meet the requirements, He will send the answer!

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