Snowstorm Squalls

Snowstorm squalls surge from northwest to southeast
Blizzard conditions howl across the fields and the trees
Snow piles so quickly making walking simply impossible
Drifts so high on roads making them simply impassable

Elderly and sick people are trapped in houses all across the region
The responsibility to help has now fallen upon a new generation
Younger neighbors, family and friends brave the monster storm
to dig out a path to get to their neighbor's front door

In the midst of the marching madness of the freezing winds 
Stand angels guiding and protecting those who would help them
The Lord Jesus smiles as the people reach out and offer a hand
It's the beginning of a new era that day as He heals our land

In the end when a storm comes see it for the blessing it is in disguise
Remember who controls the wind and the waves, the snow and the skies!

--bro. tim pickl
Saturday February 24, 2007 A.D.

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