Catastrophe! Calamity! The breaking news streams the end time events:
We’ve never seen anything like this in all of our historical experience.
Natural disasters appearing in greater numbers and awesome intensity.
Hungry, precious souls are looking beyond the fortress of rigid religiosity.

Wars and rumors of wars with protests and rioting in cities around the globe:
The world’s economy is melting down now and it does not know where to go.
People are hungry for world change because the old ways no longer suffice.
Submerged in selfishness, they are misled by leaders who offer bad advice.

At the same time, do you hear the cackling laughter like nothing's happening?
Prolific profanities perpetuate these people as they drink and dance and sing!
There’s nothing to worry about—things in the world have always been this way;
We do not need your church or Bible or your God—leave us alone and go away!

Look around, saints, it’s like the days of Noah—teach your families God’s Word:
Now is the time and today is the day—we have the Holy Spirit in us, empowered.

--bro. tim pickl   
Saturday August 13, 2011 A.D.

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