Be Prepared Not Scared

B etter covenant with better promises—we have no excuse:
E nter into God’s rest, rest assured in His peace—we choose.

P ray without ceasing, putting on the whole armor of God:
R emember, when serving, the first fruit of the Spirit is love.
ngage the enemy by taking up the sword of the Spirit:
P assionately pursue spiritual wickedness—the true culprit.
A ttack the spirits: we do not wrestle against flesh and blood:
R emember the enemy will respond with lies like a flood!
E ndure hardship as a good soldier of the Lord Jesus Christ:
D etermine in your heart that in the end it is worth the price.

N ever, never never give up or give in to the wiles of the devil:
O pposition will come in all forms but remember all are evil;
T oday is the day of salvation:  stand therefore in God’s will.

S ome will give up, walk away and slide back into darkness:
C all their names in prayer while they’re giving in to weakness.
A sk the Lord to help you to not be afraid, but strong in Him: 
R est in the comfort of His Holy presence flowing from within.
E nter into His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise:
D etermine to be thankful to Jesus every day and bless His Name.


--bro. tim pickl
Saturday June 23, 2012 A.D.

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